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This is Tanzania

This is Tanzania:
Kigamboni Beach, Dar es Salaam

During our October mid-term break from school, we visited our favorite beach for a few days with good friends.

This is also Tanzania....
Mufindi, Iringa region

Mufindi is a long way from Dar es Salaam, so it's a place we had never visited before--but always wanted to. So when Anja, one of our favorite former students, invited us to her wedding in Mufindi, we knew we couldn't pass up the chance to go. We all took off time from school, got on a bus for 14 hours each way, and spent three days at Mufindi Highlands Lodge.

We rode horses, played croquet and lawn tennis, ate absolutely amazing food, and enjoyed being really cold.

That's Johnny, and yes, shortly after this picture was taken, he did fall in.

....which is why he's naked in this picture.

Lily and lily.

And yes, Johnny did fall off his horse too. Don't worry, he's fine.

Those are jacaranda trees....just imagine what they look like when they are in bloom.

One of the best parts was that everyone's favorite two-year-old quadruplets came too! (Ironically, several years previously, I had been at their parents wedding in Kenya as well.)

The day of the wedding....

This is Tanzania. How extraordinary that I get to call it home.

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