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Medina Life, August to November 2018

Lily's Broken Tooth

She's smiling here, but she sure wasn't when it happened in August. Lily fell smack on her face, bashing in her two front teeth. The dentist was able to push them back into place, and we'll find out in January whether they will need root canals. For now, she's sporting the chipped-tooth look.

Grace is a Beast in Basketball and Soccer

Grace continued her participation on HOPAC's Jr. NBA basketball team, living up to her nickname as "Mini-Beast" on the court. She is a force to be reckoned with!
Grace (as a 7th grader) was bumped up to the U15 (like JV) team. Her team won the league tournament yesterday, and she played all four games without being subbed!

Johnny Turned Seven

This is what happens when you put the icing on a cake that hasn't cooled yet: Yes, I know it looks like it's bleeding.

Josiah Turned Eleven

Since Josiah's party was the day after we returned from Anja's wedding, I ordered a cake for the first time ever. As you can see the results were much better than Johnny's bleeding cake.

Pamoja Week at HOPAC: Color Explosion Day!

Meanwhile, Johnny Began His Taekwondo Career

And Lily Had Her First Speaking Part as the Goddess Demeter

We All Celebrated Zawadi's Adoption

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