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Liberia Means Freedom

They came from the North, East and West…
Many of them came on foot through the jungles
Others came in boats, canoes and ships through the waters
All seeking refuge from war, dominance, bondage and threats…
They wanted to be free; left alone to enjoy life and thrive

The Gola, Vai and the Kissi were the early birds
The Glebo, Klao and Kuwaa with all their cousins;
The Mandingo, Mah, Dan, Bandi and more;
The former slaves and those rescued from slave ships
All converged on a land that would symbolize freedom

For this purpose, a Pan African nation was built 
A country born out of the need for deliverance from all evil
No matter how or when they came – freedom was the goal
And that is how Liberia came to be, and so MUST it be:
The glorious land of Liberty, by God’s command!

Dennis Jah

Inspired by Focus on Liberia series on the History of Liberia. Watch intro here.

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