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Eliwn Keren is an American  technology blog that brings to you latest tech news, reviews, tips and tricks, how-to’s on computer, smartphone, gadget and more.

Meet The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Minivide

Philip Keren:

I am a programmer, an ICT professional and also an ICT consultant. I find more interest in application and website development, I am the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Editor-in-Chief here at Techvide2, am also an Entrepreneur.

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Eliwn Keren provide support for end users by giving detailed and reliable review on digital technology to keep the consumers informed through evaluation of their alternatives , information search and also project the various brands we have in the limelight.


This section will be useful to geeks and tweakers who like gadget customization. This section will give you tips and tricks on how to tweak your computer systems, mobile phones, other gadgets and more.


This section is intended to training professionals or learners on Information and Technology (I.T), equip individuals on how to build stuff like website, phone application, system application and more.

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